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Terms and Conditions
Dear customer, before you start, please spend a few minutes to review the following information about the legal terms and conditions that apply to your use of Escape Games Melbourne (ABN: 44638073435) website and any bookings or services that you request from us. If you don’t agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use our website.
1. Customers shall NOT attend the escape rooms operated by Escape Games Melbourne, if the customer has claustrophobia or heart conditions or nervous disorders or high blood pressure or epilepsy or if the customer is pregnant. 2. All the escape rooms are safely designed and well considered to all possible situations, we try our best to make sure you have an enjoyable and safe time in our escape rooms. However, customers shall be responsible for themselves for injuries if the injuries are not directly caused by the settings of the escape rooms.
By using this website or paying the fees and entering into the escape rooms, you are bound by these terms and conditions which form a legally binding contract between you and Escape Games Melbourne (ABN: 44638073435)
Escape Games Melbourne (ABN: 44638073435) owns the copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights contained within this site and the escape rooms. The use or misuse of them is forbidden. The information, contents or answers to the questions in any our escape rooms are the commercial trade secret and shall NOT be disclosed by our customers in any form to any third party.
This website may only be used for lawful purposes and will not be used in a way that violates the rights of any third party. By using this website, you are aware of and agree that the content contained within this website is only intended for your own personal use.Downloading, printing or using its content can only be used for this purpose. You must not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, imitate, publish, commercially exploit or link to or deep-link into this website.
Escape Games Melbourne operates the escape rooms and other activities on Floor 1 412 Church Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121 Australia (The place).The place is smoking free. The place is under surveillance with recording function. We promise our customers that these records will not be released to any third parties for any purposes without the customers’ consent. Escape Games Melbourne will use the recording if damages to the property was found. The old records will be deleted within 30 days.
Your booking will be accepted immediately after booking online; an email with your booking details will be sent out automatically to your nominated email address. We might call you from Escape Games Melbourne to confirm if necessary, if the customer could not confirm the booking verbally by the time, we may cancel it without any further notice.
Customers shall arrive to the place at least 15 minutes in advance for briefing and preparation. The gaming session will be finished 60 mins exactly after the booked time. Any breaks taken or delay within the session will not be recovered. Mobile phones shall not be used for any purpose once the game starts. We can safely store them inside the locker provided. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver before entering to the themed rooms.
Escape Games Melbourne reserves the right to reclaim damages to the property. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that all small items are left inside the rooms after the gaming session.
Escape Games Melbourne suggests our customers leave their belongings in the lockers provided. We will provide all necessary security methods to make sure the safety of your belongings. However, we will not be responsible for any loss of items claimed by customers.
No refund on confirmed bookings, or in case of no-show. We do allow rescheduling if you contact us more than 24 hours ahead of your booking time. Please contact us if you need to reschedule.
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