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Located in the heart of Richmond, right next to major train and tram lines, Escape Games Melbourne features escape rooms and puzzle adventures that will challenge your teamwork and wits. Through a great variety of innovative puzzles and fantastic games we transport you into narrative worlds rich with secrets that await discovery. Whether you are coming with Friends, your team from work, or your family, we have the adventure you seek.



From the creatives behind Extreme Escape, Ramy Hawasli and Daria Zhurkova bring you Escape Games Melbourne.We engineered our rooms from the ground up, designed with you in mind, to bring your adventure to life.


(Difficulty 4.5/5)   (Private and Public Sessions Available)


The long wait is finally over! Australia's first 14 person Mega Escape Room is NOW OPEN! We present DARKNESS FALLS. A masterpiece, years in the making. This 75 Minute Experience is designed to entertain larger groups, this is far from your average escape room. Expect unique and innovative hand crafted puzzles, high tech and Mind Blowing Effects like never before!


 In a glance, the world around you changes. Everything looks strange and your memories become blurry. All you can remember was meeting a witch that offered you a Tarot reading. Trapped in a cabin inside a dark enchanted forest, solving her riddles is the only way to break the spell. A walk down memory lane takes you to places from your past that hold clues to help you fight the darkness that surrounds you.

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  ( Difficulty      4/5 )

You thought you and your friends were just going to explore an old ghost town. Little did you know about the trouble you had waiting for you. As you began to explore the first abandoned house you begin to realise that something doesn't feel right. As your fears grow stronger suddenly the door to the room you are in slams shut and locks you in.

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(Difficulty 4.5/5)

After a long drive you notice a motel sign on the side of the road. You decide to stop and stay for the night. The moment you enter your room you realise that someone else has been here before you and they have left behind all their belongings. You will need to use your wits and your detective skills to determine the real clues, see the patterns and discover the truth behind it all.

raven hill escape room.jpg

( Difficulty      3.5/5 )

One Stop Barber Shop has been under investigation by the police department for a number of months. Strange opening hours, unusual customers, and confused people that don't even remember where they live. Something doesn’t add up. Is there more to this Shop than meets the eye? You will need to enter the Shop, solve the mystery and return undetected with the proof. Have you got what it takes? Well you have an hour to find out!



Live an awesome experience, celebrating your birthday, by playing in our entertaining escape rooms and offer a unique experience to your friends or family! If you want to surprise a friend or family member, do not hesitate to let us know before hand and we will prepare the best birthday party for him/her!We do organise catering on request.


Escape Games Melbourne offers corporate team building activities suitable for any company. Escape rooms require a great deal of collaboration and are a nice change of pace. Groups will work together to solve problems, uncover clues, and crack codes in order to progress as a team. Teamwork is critical to succeeding! Games are challenging and very mentally stimulating, but don’t require physical exertion. Each room has a theme, so the atmosphere is fun and full of thrills unlike traditional team building activities. You’ll also have to work fast as you’ll only have 60 minutes to complete the room! Escape games are exciting, intellectual, and unique – but more importantly, the most memorable work event your employees will ever attend!



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